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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev374

2022 年 2 月 1 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R374です。
モジュールは、インストールサイト/Install/TM3D/Rev374_221030 にアップしてあります。

01) Changed the default values for BALANCE_NCUTS of
       a HOUSING and a CARRIER from 800 to 400. This will
       make the substructring more efficient.

02) Added capability to generate contact patterns to
        iGlass files that are generated during analysis. Use
        the new PATTERN checkbox in the RANGE menu to enable

03) Added the DOCALYXSCRIPT checkbox in the SETUP menu.
        When this checkbox is enabled, a variable number of
        scripts can be provided for T3D to run during the
        analysis step. Use the NCALYXSCRIPTFILES in the SETUP
        menu to control the number of scripts, and provide the
        names of the script files in the SETUP|CALYXSCRIPTS
        submenu. Each script should have three hook
        functions defined: HookFn_PreFirstStep() is called once
        before the analysis, HookFn_Step() is called once after each
        time step is analyzed, and HookFn_PostLastStep() is called
        after the last time step. Use local variables inside
        the script to maintain state, and perform any customized
        calculations inside the Hook functions. The script can
        also access system config variables such as iStep and iRange
        to retrieve more information.

04) Added a script file postexportgearcontactresults_hookfns.cmd
       which shows the usage of the DOCALYXSCRIPT checkbox.

05) Disabled backlash computation for SUN-RING pairs that
        have the CONFORMAL flag set, during the analysis step. It was
        taking an unreasonably long amount of time.

06) Bug Fix: The Linux version was failing when iGlass
        file generation was attempted with the pattern option
        turned on. This bug was only in the previous build.