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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev372

2021 年 11 月 25 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R372です。リリースノートには 11/18 とありますが、その
2)の新規Pythonサンプルは、TM3D/SAMPLES/PythonMultixCalyxInterface となります。
r372 | sandeep | 2021-11-18 11:26:44 -0500 (Thu, 18 Nov 2021) | 47 lines

01)Added the capability to load inspection file data for involute gears
under TOOTH->INSPECTIONFILE menu. The file formats supported are
1. Klinglenberg_CSV
2. Klinglenberg_MKA
3. Gleason_XML and
4. Quindos_CSV.
Depending on the file type, the program will be able to load topographic,
profile or lead charts.

02) Added the capability to create contact pattern
information purely from calyx, without the need to run multyx.
Updated post-processing script postexportgearcontactresults.cmd,
to output this interpolated contact pattern data.
Added PatternDataReader.m and to read interpolated
pattern file generated by postexportgearcontactresults.cmd.
Updated ImportGearContactResults.m for latest version of export file.
The latest version of the export file contains additional
information in its header.

03) Added an option to specify a separate node-tolerance
for an individual race in an imported FE Carrier or Housing.
This will be useful for meshes without uniform mesh density,
giving the user more control at each race location.

04)Added new EDGELOAD post-processing menu. This menu
calculates the load intensity at points detected as edge contact.
The load intensity along the edge can be used as a
metric to quantify the severity of edge loading.

05) Updated Multyx pre- and post-processing manual.
Added a description of the EDGELOAD post-processing menu.

06) Updated the three RearAxle sample models.

07) Updated users manual. Updated description of the
the imported FE carrier/housing RACE menu.

08) Updated Examples manual. Added a chapter on Python post-processing.

09) iGlass file version has changed from v2.15 to v2.16.
Additional information about meshes is being written
to the iGlass files.

10) Bug fix: Fixed problem with MAXTOOLTIPRAD tag value for internal

11) Bug fix: the cage of a spherical roller bearing
was not spinning at the correct speed.

12) Bug fix: Fixed problem related to reading a KINEMATIC
COUPLING that is defined using node set names, in an abaqus .inp file.

13) Fixed the RHEL7.2 builds so that they will also run on RHEL8.xx