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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev378

2023 年 1 月 30 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R378 がリリースされました。弊社ダウンロードサイトには、

Rev 378 2023-01-27 15:44:47
Author: sandeep
Release Notes:

1) Implemented Front- and Back-Contact on the inner and
  outer races of pinion bearings defined within the

2) Implemented a new PAIR type: PINIONSHAFT_PINIONSHAFT.
3) Bug fix: The surface name shown for member 2 under
  incorrectly mapped to the surface name for member 1.

4) Added a new EXPORTOPTION of NODAL_LOADS in the
  EXPORTFEMODEL menu, when in post-processing mode.
  This new option will cause it to omit everything but
  the header, nodal loads, and footer to the output file.

5) Increased the limit on the value of NFACEELEMS
  for a worm gear from 32 to 64.
6) Added option to import POINTCLOUD with webs for
  straight bevel gears

7) When assembling a Proto's stiffness matrix into the system
  stiffness equations, we were throwing an error if the
  proto's stiffness matrix has zeroes on the diagonal. But
  it is possible that subsequent assembly of bearing
  stiffness matrices could mitigate this problem. If they
  don't then the system stiffness matrix will be singular and
  we will get an error message anyway. So the error
  message was converted to a warning message.
8) Bug fix: The values the outer circular and axial
  orders of a pinion shaft segment were being checked
  for consistency, even if the OUTERRACE checkbox
  was not turned on. This was generating unnecessary
  error messages.

9) Bug Fix: The conical pinion hole feature was not
  working correctly when carrier had non-zero axial shift
10) Bug Fix: The ADDBASESHAFT macro in the hypoid menu
    was not working correctly when BASESURFACETYPE=CYLINDER.

11) Bug fix: A bevel tooth was not displayed in iSys

    item was not being shown when BASESURFACETYPE=UNION

13) Bug Fix: Fixed the shaft segment constraint and race
    checkbox visibility in iSys

14) Bug Fix: Coincident nodes in an imported housing or
    carrier that lie on a substructure boundary,
    were being merged even when their node IDs were different.
15) Bug Fix: Corrected the reported location (s,t) of
    the maximum load intensity in the header of the
    EDGELOAD graph/outfile file.

16) Bug fix. The RootApex variable was uninitialized in the
    Coniflex Bevel gear mesh generator.

17) Bug Fix: The value of SPEEDFACTOR in the PATTERN
    menu was not being used.
18) Bug Fix: Removed out the template file selection in the
    worm COMMON menu since a fixed template is used.

19) Bug fix: The carrier component mappings were not
    set correctly when the carrier has both helical
    pinions, as well as bevel pinions.

20) Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in writing PATTERN results
    to database output.

21) Bug Fix: The face milled mesh generator was
    crashing when the Flankrem option was turned on for a cutter.
22) Bug Fix: FATIGUE post-processing crashed when
    analyzing fillet surfaces which are part of
    multiple meshes(such as the fillet surface of a gear tooth with a crack.
    Now an error message is displayed, and the user is asked to process
    each instance (tooth) separately.

23) The estimated torque acting on the HYPOID in a
    SUN-HYPOID pair was incorrect. It has been corrected.

24) Updated the Transmission3DExamples manual, and the
25) Fixed the python scripts for generating CAD files, so
    that they work with Python 3.7.

26) Fixed the RearAxleDynamics sample in SAMPLES/RearAxleDynamics
    It was broken and not running.
( SAMPLES/RearAxleDynamics下にアップされています)