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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev377

2022 年 10 月 28 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R377 がリリースされました。

r377 | sandeep | 2022-10-25 09:08:55 -0400 (Tue, 25 Oct 2022) | 94 lines 2022/10/25 ========== 1) Modified the ball bearing mesh generator to allow for race diameters that are close to to the race roller radius. 2) Added option to export profile/lead chart data from iSys user interface. 3) Added schematics for roller and thrust roller bearing error menus. 4) Added function Get_Body_Stats() to output element count and DOF count for a body. 5) Updated CheckJacobian function to display finite element and DOF count of a body. 6) Increased the limit on the number of SURFGAGES, LOADSENSORS and FEPROBES from 400 to 800. 7) Sped up the PATTERN generation by using OpenMP multithreading. 8) Added coefficient of friction to BEVELPINION_ROTORSHAFT and PIN_PINIONSHAFT contact pair 9) Added contact resolution inputs for conformal pairs (PIN_PIN, PIN_PINIONSHAFT and WASHER_PINIONSHAFT) 10)In the StepCreate utility, added option to rotate input step file about Z axis. 11)Added Skew (misalignment error) to thrust roller bearings. 12)Added more details about a contact PAIR to its TreeNodeName in iSys. 13)Added more details about a carrier's CARRIERPAIR to its TreeNodeName in iSys. 14)Added details about RACE (housing race, carrier race, rotor race, pin shaft race, pinion shaft race to its TreeNodeName in iSys. 15)The SELECT (bodies) menu under AUDIT and GENIGLASSFILE was failing if the number of bodies in the model exceeded 400. The SELECT menu is now modified so that it shows only 100 bodies at a time. New PREVIOUS_100 and NEXT_100 have been added to scroll through the bodies. 16)A conformal SUN-RING pair now works even if the members' axes point in opposite directions. 17)Updated EDGELOAD menu to better detect points only on edge. Fixed crash issue when EDGELOADCOMP=LOAD 18)Added an new error message which is shown for a hypoid, when its HI value is larger than the HO value. 19)Added position coordinates in mesh reference frame to OutputBodySubSurfFEField() 20)Added option REGENERATEPOINTCLOUD for straight bevel gears to generate uniformly spaced points. 21)Fixed the Sample model in the RearAxleDynamics sample. The PropShaft rotor did not have the correct torque applied to it, creating a torque imbalalce, and causing the dynamic analysis to become unstable. 22)Added an example of a detailed tapered roller bearing with an inner race lip, and another example of one with an outer race lip. There is a new folder SAMPLES/DetailedTaperedRollerWithLip that contains the files. 23)Updated the Transmission3D Users Manual, and the Transmission3D Examples Manual. 24)Bug Fix: Fixed EDGELOAD calculation to include only the total load for principal points on the edge instead of summing load on all candidate points detected to be on the edge. 25)Bug Fix: Fixed an issue which occurs in OutputBodySubSurfFEField() when element coordinates of sub surface point is not found. 26)Bug Fix: The carrier conical hole feature was not working correctly. 27)Bug Fix: The sign was incorrect for the misalignment value for a SUN-RING pair written to HELICALMISALIGNMENT.DAT. The signs were OK for a RING-PINION pair. 28)Bug Fix: the geometric search for candidate points was failing when a roller's length was much smaller than the length of the mating race (10% or less). It was necessary to double the number of search divisions of the contact surfaces. It may be necessary to increase even further if we come across an example that needs it 29)Bug Fix: When an involute is form ground, and the Fillet_Type is Fillet_Radius (instead of Grinder_Edge_Radius), the maximum allowable fillet radius was incorrectly reported as the "Maximum Grinder Edge Radius". It should be the "Maximum Fillet Radius" instead. 30)Bug Fix: When the TYPE of a carrier is first changed to RIGID, the Polar Moment of Inertia item is not shown. Added a Listener to the carrier's TYPE to fix this problem. 31)Bug Fix: Fixed the calculation of the reaction force for a bearing in which the inner race is the reference race. Previously, the sign of the calculated reaction was incorrect. 32)Bug Fix: Removed the RIGIDCARRIERPININTERFACE checkbox when a pin shaft is compound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------