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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev383

2024 年 1 月 11 日 by yo yamgatta
新年早々にANSOL T3D Rev383 がリリースされました。

Session File Version : 2.5500|0.1345
Transmission3D SDF Version : 0.1345
Build Date : 2024/01/02
Source Revision : 9470

Release Notes:
1) Enabled modeling of asymmetric stiffness matrices for bearings.

2) Added a new sample: AsymmetricStiffnessBrg. This model
contains a stiffness bearing that is strongly asymmetric.

3) Added the ability to apply a pressure loading on any
of the 4 contact surfaces of a shaft segment. If one of the
contact surface checkboxes is enabled, then the corresponding
pressure input box shows up.

4) Added a new sample: PressureLoadingOnAnnulus. This model
shows how to apply a pressure on the inside diameter of a
shaft segment. A spreadsheet shows the comparison
of the radial and hooop stresses on the inside and
outside diameters with an exact solution.

5) Sped up the display of menus in iSys. There was a
significant time-lag when a new menu is selected, especially
if the new menu is a long one like a shaft segment. It
now works much faster.

6) Reduced the integration order for tetrahedral elements.
The old order was too high.

7) Added new checkbox ADDACCELTORQUE in the SETUP|RANGE menu.
If this checkbox is turned ON, then an additional torque
will be added to those rotors whose TYPE is=OUTPUT or
IDLER, for this range. The torque will be calculated for
that rotor, based on the acceleration of this RANGE,
the calculated RPM of that rotor, and the moment of
inertia of the rotor. Note that the moment of inertia
of planetary pinions is not being included at this time.

8) Added “Flip Reference Member” to applicable custom iSys pair menus

9) Added code to load involute and shaft geometry from a REXS file. It
needs to be tested against REXS files generated by KissSoft.

10)Implemented a new profile type(SPHERICALINVOLUTE)
for straight bevel gears based on Figliolini, G., and
Angeles, J. (October 15, 2004). “Algorithms for Involute
and Octoidal Bevel-Gear Generation.”
ASME. J. Mech. Des. July 2005.

11)Changed the names of the two files associated with a
condensed housing model: calyxtmp/dofmap.dat and
calyxtmp/extstruct.m to

12)vGlass: Added a tooltip to the slider displays. This tooltip
tells the user to CTRL-Click the slider to use the keyboard
to type a value into the slider.

13)vGlass: Added plots of scalar (both real and complex) attributes
vs time/frequency.

14)Added calyx.pyd support for Python 3.10.13, 3.11.6 and 3.12.0

15)Updated the Step file creation Python scripts CreateStep*.py, so
that they now work with OpenCascade above version 7.7.1

16)vGlass: Allow the user to set the component of a 3D vector to “MAG”.
This selection sets the attribute color based on the magnitude
3D vector value of the attribute.

17)vGlass: Changed the default orientation of the lighting.
Also added a new “Ambient Light” control for the
user to change the color and intensity of the ambient

18)vGlass: Fixed the problem with the sliders used for bearing and body
reactions. They were not working when the scale factors needed to be very
small because of the format used to display the text.

19)vGlass: Used the name of the file being displayed as the
title for the vGlass main window.

20)vGlass: Reduced the reflectivity of contact patterns to reduce
their reflected glare.

21)Bug fix. Switching the graphics Device through the “Device” tab
was crashing vGlass.

22)Bug Fix: Fixed the Front/Back interfaces on a ball bearing, when the
thrust center is the reference.

23)Bug fix: In a straight bevel gear, nodes on the HEEL interface
did not lie exactly on the heel cone for a MEDIUM template.

24)Bug fic: Improved straight bevel mesh generator for
FILLETTYPE=TWOSTEP which failed due to internal tolerance values.

25)Bug Fix: ADDBASESHAFT macro for ROTOR->BEVEL was using
in the ROTOR. With this fix, ENABLESHAFT will be turned ON and new
base shaft will be SHAFT 1 of the rotor.

26)Corrected the figure displayed for a detailed tapered
roller bearing with an outer race lip.

27)Multyx creates a ‘delegated’ license for calyx that is good
until the end of the month when multyx was started. If multyx’
is started just before midnight of the last day of the month, then
this delegated license could have expired by the time calyx receives it.
This fixes that problem–now the delgated license is good until
the end of the second month after multyx is started up.

28)Added error message for SUN_PINION and RING_PINION pairs when their
axes are not oriented the same way.

29)Bug fix: Corrected the script HelicalMisalignment.cmd. It was calculating an
incorrect sign for the misalignment for an external-internal pair.

30)Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the End Crown modification. It was complaining
incorrectly about the flat width of the roller.

31)Changed the initial values for the contact grid settings on
the back side of a gear contact. The new values are more reasonable.

32)Updated the help message for the TOPOMOD file for bevel
and hypoid gears. The new message explains the formats better.

33)Removed the Linux build that is based on Cuda9.1