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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev371

2021 年 6 月 15 日 by yo yamgatta
マニュアルは、インストールサイト/Manual 下にアップ済です。

r371 | sandeep | 2021-06-11 09:21:30 -0400 (Fri, 11 Jun 2021) | 66 lines

that were missing from a REPORT file.

2) Added a new option REPORTSENSORS to the main menu.
It is OFF by default. If it is turned ON, then the sensor
also be written to the REPORT file, but only if a
GENERATE operation is successful. Otherwise these items
will be skipped.

3) Added new script callable function
This can be used to filter out stress samples that
are too close to a contact point.
4) Added license options to the model's checksum
computation. If any license feature changes, a
GENERATE operation will be triggered.

5) Added a warning when the pinion hand in the
HYPOID-HYPOID PAIR menu is different from the value
defined in the PINION's COMMON menu

6) Allow for negative values for FRONTANGLE in BEVEL gears

7) Added AUTOBASECONE option for imported
hypoid meshes that have the REGENERATE option turned ON.

8) Added a new script postgearsubsurfacestressfield.cmd
to output the subsurface stress field below
the contact zone.

9) Added a new script GetSunFilletSurfStressTensorBinary.cmd
to rapidly write a binary file
containing the fillet stress field, and a
Matlab script StressTensorBinaryFileReader.m
that shows how to read this data.

10)Updated Examples and Users manuals

11)Bug fix: For a form ground gear with
radius type=FilletRad, the generated tooth
surface had a large numerical error, making
the surface wavy

12)Bug fix: iSys was not updating the 3D view
when TAPERRACE1 or TAPERRACE2 was changed
for a journal type of connector

13)Bug fix: multyx would crash if you enter
the FEPROBES menu and the model failed to
generate due to incorrect data. The LOADSESNSORS
and SURFGAGES menus did not cause a crash.

14)Bug Fix: In detailed bearing mesh generator,
a bug was triggered when the inner race of a
bearings connects to a rigid region (such as
the master node of a condensed stiffness housing).
The bug would crash the mesh generator.

15)Bug Fix: Fixed problem with NodeTolerance units
conversion in iSys, for housings with separate files.

16)Bug Fix: When the angle between the direction of a grid cell and
the direction of local curvature becomes too large, that
location should not be used for updating the grid cell
width in the adaptive process. This change was done due to
a problem in a case that had severe end relief.

17)Bug Fix: Fixed quadrature cone not aligning at secondary
cone intersection when both front and back secondary
cone are turned on for straight bevel gears.

18)Bug Fix: The GPU based contact solver was not releasing
resources correctly. This could cause calyx to crash
after all resources were consumed.

19)Bug fix: The previous release would become unstable
when running a dynamic analysis of a model with a
condensed stiffness matrix for a housing.

20)Bug Fix: The ADDBASESHAFT macro crashed multyx for
a bevel gear with a CONIFLEX profile.