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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev365

2020 年 8 月 27 日 by yo yamgatta
Rev365 です。ホームページからダウンロード可能になっています。


Rev: 365
Author: sandeep
Last modification:Rev 365 - 2020-08-25 08:39:04 -0400 (Tue, 25 Aug 2020)
Log message: 2020/08/25
1) Added Rotor speed harmonics. Now speed fluctuations can be
specified through their amplitude in RPM, shaft order, and
phase. This option is available for rotors with TYPE=INPUT. This is
similar to the to the torque fluctuations that are allowed
for rotors with TYPE=OUTPUT.
2) Added output of velocity (first time-derivatives) and
acceleration (second time-derivatives) to the response
in the *RES.DAT files of rotors, housings and bearings.
12 new columns have been added to these files, with 6 velocity
and 6 acceleration components.
3) Added checkboxes to constrain degrees of freedom of
connectors that are of stiffness matrix type. This should work
better than using a very large number for the stiffness.
4) Updated the Custom tooth menu in iSys for involute teeth.
A few important items that were only accessible through
the native menu were added to the custom menu, for convenience.
The number of elements in the face width direction is now
accessible through the "General" tab. The front and back
dofsets, and their orders and shoulder diameters are
accessible through the "Diameters" tab.
5) Increased the capacity available for FE meshes. Now FINEST template works.
6) iSys was not displaying a hypoid tooth when a secondary
face cone was used with a cone angle larger than 80 degrees. (It
was working fine in iGlass).
7) Fixed problem with face-milled mesh generator when using
an extremely large cutter spherical radius.
8) Fixed the banner displayed by multyx on startup, when
being used for Transmission3D.
9) Added tertiary face cone to bevel tooth mesh generator
10) Added new filleting option (TWOSTEP) to bevel tooth
11) Updated bevel pinions to allow a heel web.
12) Updated the multyx pre- and post-processing manual, and
the Transmission3D users manual.
13) Bug fix: Pinion shaft segment with spherical front or back not displayed correctly i
14) Bug fix: program crashed during PREPROC step when a shaft has
its back interface turned ON, and the last segment in the shaft
15) Bug fix: Shaft segments with aial holes were causing the solver
to crash during condensation.