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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev380

2023 年 7 月 21 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R380 がリリースされました。弊社ダウンロードサイトには、
2), 3), 5)についてはそれぞれ次回以降で図解する予定です。


Release Notes:
1) Added capability to the multyx command line that will allow it
 to read string values enclosed in double quotes.
  Additionally, empty string values will be written
  out to the REPORT.TXT file enclosed in double quotes.
2) Added “Save” and “Load” buttons for color palettes in vGlass.
3) Added a QuickView menu to vGlass. This is shown
 at the top of the Tab window. The menu only
 shows the Zoom-In/Out buttons, the Time slider, and
 the Exagg slider.
4) Removed the 32 bit binary of the license server.
5) The license server has been updated.
6) Bug fix: The iSys menu tree was not being populated
 correctly when the size of an array such as NROTORS,
 NPAIRS, etc is changed. This bug was introduced in
 the previous release.
7) Bug Fix: iSys was unable to open a session file when
 the AXPOSNCOMMONERACE was undefined for a model with multiple
 deck helical pinion and simple pin.
8) Bug Fix: Fixed problem in iSys, where the ROWROLLERMODS menu
 was being placed under the wrong parent when the
 number of roller rows NROWS was changed.
9) Bug Fix: Fixed an issue on patterns not being
 shown correctly for bearings with large roller skew.
10)Bug Fix: If we have surface gages set up, and
 if all samples for a surface gage fall within
 the DISTMIN margin, then the critical instance
 number is returned as zero by the function
 Search_Body_Surf_Stress(), and the subsequent
 call to Get_Body_Surf_Position_Vector() fails.
11)Bug Fix: An error message was being triggered if
 a journal bearing was created between two rotors
 with opposite axes.