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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev376

2022 年 7 月 21 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R376、4月以来の更新です。

r376 | sandeep | 2022-07-20 07:41:08 -0400 (Wed, 20 Jul 2022) | 41 lines

1) Implemented Conical pinion holes for imported carriers.

2) Added the index of a rotor to the names of the
 surfaces of gears (SUN, RING, HYPOID, BEVEL) within
 the rotor. Changed the names of the surfaces for BEVEL gears..
    Modified scripts to account for this change.

3) Added a display of calculated Mesh Period and Mesh Frequency
   in the PAIRS and CARRIER|Pairs menus, for gear mesh pairs.

4) Added coefficient of friction to washer contact pairs for
   helical and bevel pinions.

5) Added schematics to iSys for gear manufacturing errors.

6) Modified the behavior of the EXPORTFEMODEL post-processing menu.
   Now nodal loads are wriiten out even if the node is constrained.
   It should not change the behavior of the mesh, but the mesh contains
   more complete information.

7) Added more error messages to check the values of
   the ZAXIS/NORMAL and XAXIS for the contact surfaces
   in an imported housing or carrier.

8) Moved the START and CLEAR buttons to the end of all post-processing menus.

9) Updated MultyxPreAndPostProcessingManual.pdf

10)Fixed an incorrect figure for internalgears in Samples/NumericalProfile

11)Bug Fix: The value of AXIALPOSNSHAFT was not being taken into account
   when assembling pinion decks with the races of an imported pinion shaft segment

12)Bug fix: Incorrect template file name used for FINEST
   template in hypoid mesh generator.

13)Bug Fix: Octoid tooth cutter shift was incorrect leading to wrong root apex.

14)Bug Fix: TWOSTEP fillet in BEVEL used incorrect root apex for root cone calculation

15)Bug Fix: When a non-zero displacement nodal constraint is applied to the OD of
   a shaft segment, while at the same time applying a press-fit to the
   ID of that segment (or vice-versa), only zero valued constraints were being applied.

16)Bug Fix: Incorrect offset values was used for GENERAL roller bearing

17)Bug fix: If an RBE2 has the same master node as a previous RBE2,
    its nodes were not being correctly consolidated with the previous RBE2.

18)Bug Fix: For models with rigid bevel carrier and pinion stiffness