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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev375

2022 年 4 月 14 日 by yo yamgatta
ANSOL T3D R375、3か月ぶりの更新です。

r375 | sandeep | 2022-04-10 13:42:13 -0400 (Sun, 10 Apr 2022) | 46 lines

1) Added Form Diameter calculation for form-ground gears.
 The form-diameter is reported on the log by the mesh generator.
2) Implemented SPHERICAL contact surfaces on imported
 (Nastran or Abaqus) carrier models.
3) Made changes to the output of the calyx script
 function Generate_iGlass_Pattern_Binary_Version2()
4) Updated Matlab and Python scripts PatternDataReader.m
 and to read the new layout created by
 the modified calyx function Generate_iGlass_Pattern_Binary_Version2()
5) The Abaqus file reader has changes made to improve its speed.
6) Bug fix: The SUBSURFACE post-processing menu had been
 broken in the previous release..
7) Bug fix: The races of an imported pinion shaft segment were
  not connecting correctly to pinion decks.
8) Bug fix: For a form-ground external gear that has an asymmetric profile,
 the GrinderWheelDiaType (Finite/Infinite) were not working
 correctly. They worked correctly for a symmetric profile.
9) Bug Fix: The backlash values being writtern for an
 internal gear pair into calyxtmp/BACKLASH.DAT were  incorrect.
10) Bug fix: A pinion with a webbed rim, combined with a journal
 bearing was triggering a crash.
11) Bug fix: constraints were being incorrectly applied to
 a planetary pinion with PINTYPE=SIMPLE, NDECKS=1 and
 RIMTYPE= WEBBED or SIMPLE rim. The extra constraints
 applied at the interface between the tooth and rim
 were making the pinion too rigid.
12) Bug Fix: When a contact surface was created on a conical
 inner or outer surface of a shaft segment, and the
 USECONEANGLE checkbox was enabled, it was
 crashing the program.
13) Bug Fix: Added missing contact surface for the journal bearing
 outer surface on a planetary pinion, when the PINTYPE=SIMPLE, NDECKS=1,
 bearing type is JOURNAL and rim type is WEBBED.
14) Bug Fix: Removed reference to AXPOSN1COMMONRACE and
 to AXPOSN2COMMONRACE in a planetary pinion when NDECKS=1,
 and PINTYPE=SIMPLE. This was unnecessarily crashing the
15) Bug fix: The Nastran file reader was crashing when a
 BDF file with an SPC1 card with a single GRIDID was read.
16) Bug Fix: Connector race cylinders are drawn in iSys
 even when the connectors are inactive.
17) Updated the pre- and post-processing manual.