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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev354

2019 年 6 月 28 日 by yo yamgatta
日本時間 6月29日、ANSOL T3D Rev354が出ました。
モジュールは、HP Install/TM3D/Rev354_190627 にアップしてあります。

Rev: 354
Author: sandeep
Last modification:Rev 354 - 2019-06-27 12:55:24 -0400 (Thu, 27 Jun 2019)
Log message: 2019/06/27

1) Added new PREPROC|GET_INERTIAL_PROPERTIES menu. This menu
will report the mass, moment of inertia, and center of mass of
any body in the model.
2) Added support for new (blue) dongles from Keylok.
3) Results and FE meshes for shell elements are also now being output to
OP2 files.
4) Added a new checkbox GENIGLASSRESULTSFILE in the SETUP|RANGE menu.
If this checkbox is turned ON, then a post-processing iGlass file will
be created in the working directory, with all the time steps
in that range.
5) Added a Build for RHEL7.2 that uses the older Cuda9.1, instead of
6) Bug Fix:When generating OP2 files using the POSTPROC|EXPORTFERESULTS
menu, if NTHREADS>1 and the numbe wr of time steps is larger than 1, then
the displacements in the OP2 file were coming out garbled.
7) Bug Fix: In iGlass, the displayed exaggeration level was changing erratically.
8) Bug Fix: When running under MPI with more than 1 cluster nodes, and
when the delta temperature is non zero, the calculated stress field
was not including the effect of thermal expansion. It was correct when
running on a single cluster node.
9) Bug Fix: The EXPORTFEMODEL command was not working correctly when
sending output to a Nastran BDF file, if the number of elements
exceeded 100000.
modifications for an imported mesh were not working.