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ANSOL Transmission3D Rev316

2017 年 2 月 24 日 by yo yamgatta

米国時間 1027/02/23付で、Transmission3D Rev316がリリースされました。

Rev 316 – 2017-02-23 10:18:43 -0500 (Thu, 23 Feb 2017)
Log message:    2017/02/23
1) The hypoid mesh generators can now skip the header lines
   in the CMM (topo modification) files. There is no need to delete them.
2) Changed the default value for STABILIZEFIT to false for
   the CMM mods in the HYPOID, BEVEL and BEVEL pinion menus.
3) Added two new controls USE_CMMTOLERANCE and CMMTOLERANCE
   to the MODIFICATIONS menu for the hypoid models.
   setting a tolerance value allows you to automatically
   reject bad measurement points, for whome the deviation
   is larger than the tolerance.
4) Added a way to read hypoid tooth thickness from a
   Zeiss or Klingelnberg formatted CMM file. In the HYPOID|COMMON
   menu, turn ON the USE_CMMTHICKNESS flag, and the mesh generator will
   read the thickness angle from the CMM file. If CMM/TOPO mods
   are not specified on both sides, then it will complain.
   The thickness spec of the model will exactly match the
   measurement, at the point specified by the file.
5) Rearranged the output from the AUDIT menu so that it easier
  to read the summations over related bodies, such as all rollers
   in a detailed bearing.
6) Added the ability to generate the equilibrium audit in a
   body reference frame. There is a new checkbox called
   USE_FIXED_FRAME which is checked by default. If it is unchecked,
   then a dropdown called REFERENCE_BODY will appear, which will
   allow the user to select a body reference frame for
   performing the audit.
7) In the PATTERN menu, if the AUTOCOMPUTE_MU is turned on,
   a new checkbox called USE_OIL_TEMP appears, unchecked
   by default. Checking this new checkbox will allow user
   to specify independent values for oil inlet and bulk
   temperatures. If it is turned off, then the oil inlet
   and bulk temperatures are assumed to be the same.
8) There is now an option to have a spherical surface on the
   back of the first segment and front of the last
   segment in a rotor shaft. This will allow the user
   to connect shafts onto spherical surfaces, or model
   spherical washers.
9) The Carrier shaft races now have third option, SPHERICAL,
   in addition to CYLINDRICAL and CONICAL.
10) Added new example called DifferentialCarrierSphericalRace under
    the RearAxleTraining folder.
11) Changed the default value for body force from -9.81*e2
    to -9810*e2
12) Changed the default value for the SMOOTHPATTERN option in the
    PATTERN menu to OFF.
13) Added Adding SKEW, RUNOUT, AXIAL errors for bevel gears
    and bevel pinions.
14) Bug shaft segments with negative curvature on the
    inside or outside were not being generated correctly.
15) Bug fix: the RHEL 7.2 build was missing a few files.
16) Bug fix: When loading a Nastran file for a housing, the
    displacement coordinate system for a node was being ignored.
17) Bug fix: When a Nastran file uses long-format records, the
    coordinate system cards were not being read correctly.
18) Bug fix to the Ansol LicenseServer: It was ignoring the
    timeout period specified in the config file.



修正済データ全て: T3D_Samples/SAMPLES_R317.tar,gz