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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev379

2023 年 5 月 12 日 by yo yamgatta
Rev379がリリースされました。初めに今回から追加された新ビューワ "vGlass" の紹介をします。

・従来からのビューワ - iGlass
・今回から追加されたビューワ - vGlass
"Vulkan" というOpenGLの後継3DグラフィックスAPIで記述。

今回のWindows版インストラーには2種類あり、**_DotNetCore6.msi を使用するとvGlassが
① Ansolインストール場所\vGlass.exe のショートカットをデスクトップに作成。
② コマンドラインから
Ansolインストール場所\vGlass.exe iglファイルをフルパスで第一引数に指定


Release Notes:

1) Added a new build of Transmission3D for Windows.

The new files Transmission3D.msi and TransmissionNonAdmin.msi
have iSys that is built using Microsoft’s new .Net Core 6.0. The files
Transmission3D_iSys_x64.msi and Transmission3D_iSys_x64NonAdmin.msi
have also been updated, but they have iSys that is based on Microsoft’s
old .Net Framework 4.5.

.Net Framework 4.5 will not be updated by Microsoft
any more, and we will stop updating this
build once the new build stabilizes.

If you install Transmission3D.msi or TransmissionNonAdmin.msi the
installer will pop up a link to Microsoft’s web site
in order to download and install .Net 6.0. This will happen
only if .Net 6.0 is not already installed on your machine.

The new build also has the vGlass.exe installed. It can
open iGlass files, but is not the registered application for the
.IGL file extension. vGlass is a Vulkan based application
for iGlass files. It makes heavy use of the graphics hardware,
so it might not be appropriate for all use cases. To use vGlass,
either start it from the command line with the full path
to the iGlass file as the first argument, or drag and
drop the iGlass file onto the vGlass.exe file in File
Explorer. We are looking forward to user feedback on vGlass.

2) Added a coefficient of friction between a roller and
races in the rolling element bearings’ contact-grid menus.

3) Added a FIXEDROLLER checkbox for a pinion bearing, allowing
its roller to spin when the checkbox is turned off.

4) Implemented roller-skew to allow a user to impose a predetermined
amount of roller skew. Roller skew is accessed through the
Each row of rollers can have a different skew value. In a
planetary pinion bearing, each group member and row can
have a different skew value.

pair type to SUN_ROTORSHAFT and RING_ROTORSHAFT. Also added
new dropdown SUN1SURFACE/RING1SURFACE in order to select
the surface of the SUN or RING tooth. It can take the value
of TIP (by default), FRONT, or BACK. This will allow you to
enforce contact between the front/back surfaces of a Sun or
Ring, with a rotor shaft segment.

6) Added a FRONTANGLE and BACKANGLE option in the TOOTH
menu for involute gears (SUNS, RINGS and PINION DECKS)

7) Added NAME fields for SHAFTs, SUNSs, RINGs, CARRIERs,
BEVELs, HYPOIDs. These names will be shown in the
menu tree in iSys. The names are not currently used for
anything other than the menu tree.

8) Modified the maximum allowed FRONT/BACKCIRCORDER for
Pin/PinionShafts from 32 to 64. Now this limit
is the same as the limit for the pinions themselves.

9) Bumped up the version number for calyx .msh files from
1.09 to 1.10. Version 1.10 files can carry embedded
metadata of arbitrary text format.

10)Added StepConvert.msi to the repository.

11)Added tape-map coordinates to the output file from the

12)Updated the spreadsheet ReadGearPatternMacro.xlsm so that it
can read the tape map coordinates.

13)Bug Fix: iSys was showing axial hole data even for
shaft segments that have a conical inner or outer surface.
The axial hole option is not available in this case,
and should not have been shown.

14)Bug Fix: The face-milled mesh generator was complaining if
the tooth thickness is unspecified, even in the
case when the CMMTHICKNESS or SPRDBLDTHICKNESS option is
selected. The user does not need to provide
a tooth thickness in this case.

15)Updated the manuals.

16)Updated the python scripts for creating Step files.

17)Updated the ImportedFEShaftSegment example. The old
examples were outdated.

18)Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with conical pinion HOLES.

19)Bug Fix: The races of an imported Pin/Pinion shaft
segments were not connecting to the front/back races of

20)Bug fix: Roller modifications were being shown for
spherical roller bearings, but were not being used.
Now they are working, and these modifications should be
visible in iSys as well as in iGlass.

21)Bug fix: 3D Views of shaft segments in iSys were not
checking whether ROTOR|ENABLESHAFTS was turned ON or OFF.

22)Bug Fix: Loading Gleason XML data was failing for a PINION.

23)Bug fix: Pinion shaft segment outer/inner curvature was not being
generated, even though it was displayed correctly in the 3D window of iSys.

24)Bug Fix: Modified roll is now working correctly for
a Coniflex gear (the sign convention needed to be flipped
for a gear, but not for a pinion.)

25)Bug Fix: Radial and Axial coordinates table for mating
member was incorrect in Pattern output file.