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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev370

2021 年 4 月 6 日 by yo yamgatta

Rev370 リリースノートです。
r370 | sandeep | 2021-04-02 13:56:16 -0400 (Fri, 02 Apr 2021) | 93 lines

1) Added FAXIAL/UAXIAL items to the PINION|LOADS
  menu. FAXIAL will allow you to apply an
  addition external axial load directly to a
  planetary pinion.

2) Added angular mass matrix output for the

3)Added ATTACH_TO_FRAME checkbox for races of
  when the race connects to either a ROTOR or to a
  HOUSING. In this case, the race will not be used
  except for graphics purposes. The stiffness matrix
  will connect directly to the reference frame of that
  rotor or housing.

4) Added a CONSTRAIN_RIGID_REGION checkbox to a carrier
  with TYPE=RIGID. This will apply a constraint to the
  lumped mass dof and attach it to the body reference frame.
  This is the best way to add a lumped mass directly to
  the reference frame of a rotor.

5) Added an ENABLE_RACES checkbox to carriers of all types.
  The checkbox is enabled by default. Turning it off
  will allow creation of carriers with no races.

6) Added a new LUMPTYPE switch for a rigid carrier.
  This switch which is set to PLANARSYMMETRC by
  default, so that it only needs a polar moment
  of inertia specified (the transverse moment of
  inertia will be = one half of the polar moment of
  inertia.) If set to NONPLANARSYMMETRIC, both polar
  and transverse moments of inertia will need to be
  specified. Note that the transverse moment of inertia
  will need to be greater than half the polar moment of

7) Changed the default separation tolerance values
  for gear pairs from 0.1(mm) to 0.2(mm).

8) Increased the precision in iSys for the display of
  moment of inertia items from 5 to 8 significant digits

9) Now we display, in iSys, the number of connected nodes
  for a carrier with sectoral symmetry, and for
  compound pin holes.

10)Bug fix: Fixed the 3D modification chart display in iSys
  for bevel SIDE 2.

11) Bug fix: Bearings with TYPE=GENERAL, and a
  single row of rollers were failing if there was
  leftover data in the unused row OFFSET variable.

12) Bug fix: For a rigid carrier, the cylindrical
  dofset at the shaft races has the origin of the
  dofset at the carrier origin, instead of at the
  middle of the race. This was causing a problem
  for a model whose races were very axially distant
  from the carrier origin. This has been fixed.

13) Bug fix: On the Linux build with the Intel
  compiler, loops in the LoadCondensation step were
  not parallelized due to an optimizer bug in the

14) Bug fix: The face-hobbed mesh generator was
  failing when a non-standard sign appeared for
  the cutter rake angle. Usually the rake angle
  is positive for the concave side and negative
  for the convex side. Changing this sign
  triggered the bug.

15) Bug fix: The Front/Back Curvature was not being
  applied on the segment of a pinion shaft.

16) Bug fix: The bearing post-processing were not
  working correctly for a tapered roller bearing
  with lip contact.

17) Bug fix: Added missing DLL: vcruntime140_1.dll to
  the Windows build.

18) Bug fix: An error message was being
  triggered when two rotors, each with a
  sun/ring/bevel/hypoid are attached to the same
  housing and a user asks to output an OP2 file.

19) Bug Fix: Corrected the posted script


尚、RHEL6.4 と SLES11.2 版は GPUオプション非対応です。