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ANSOL Transmisson3D Rev359

2020 年 2 月 28 日 by yo yamgatta
米国時間 2020/02/26 付けで公開されました。

Rev: 359
Author: sandeep
Last modification:Rev 359 - 2020-02-26 12:39:55 -0500 (Wed, 26 Feb 2020)
Log message: 2020/02/26
1) Modified the script HypoidMeshLoAScript.cmd so that
it will find the intersection of the LoA with the
pitch cone that is closest to the mesh point. The
old script sometimes found the second intersection
that was very far from the mean mesh point.
2) Added code to detect the condition when he tip of an
internal/external gear was contacting below the
form diameter of the mating gear. A warning message
is emitted inthis situation.
3) Added code to speed up the POSTPROC|SEARCHSTRESS and
menus when AUTOTOOTH option is turned ON
4) Added code to speed up the POSTPROC|CONTACT menu.
5) Updated Manuals.
6) Bug Fix: Bevel gears with TYPE=WEBBED and heel web
enabled were not showing up in the EXPORTFERESULTS
7) Bug fix: The FEPROBES menu was not allowing a user
8) Bug Fix: A secondary or tertiary face cone angle close to 90
degrees or larger than 90 degrees in a face-milled or
face-hobbed hypoid gear was not being treated correctly.
9) Bug fix: Fixed problem with mesh synchronization for a bevel and pinion
gear pair when the bevel gear has orientation of TYPE=OPPOSITE
10) Bug Fix: Shaft segments with non-zero edge radius values were not being
displayed correctly.